The Aquatic Plant Project

Continues in 2020

There is increasing concern regarding the excessive, heavy aquatic plant growth in the Missouri river, especially in the late summer and fall. This is so excessive in many locations that it is difficult to navigate a boat through these plant mats and nearly impossible to fish there. In 2019, UMOWA initiated an extensive, scientifically based analysis of this phenomenon by hiring Amaruq Environmental Services, a professional plant research company to design and implement the project.

Obtaining a Comparable Basis

The study entailed sampling the entire length of the river from Holter dam to Cascade and documenting the presence of aquatic plants (native and invasive) to map the prevalence and biomass of this vegetation. The project is continuing in 2020 to obtain a comparable basis by which to analyze the results and determine the effects of outside factors that may influence this vegetation. We have expanded our water quality analysis program and are concerned that the recent findings of elevated nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous) may be contributing to the excessive plant growth. This undertaking is expected to cost a total of $25,000.00 and we hope you will click the donate button and help us complete this important project. UMOWA is committed to working on this issue and making a positive impact on this critical situation. We will keep you posted as the project develops.


Submersed Aquatic Vegetation Survey 2019, Upper Missouri River, Montana



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