UMOWA has drawn a winner!

UMOWA is excited to announce the winner of our 2021 Drift Boat Raffle winner: Andrew Klein of Denver, Colorado!
Thank you to everyone who bought a raffle ticket. Your donation is being used to increase UMOWA’s membership and to conduct scientific studies on the Missouri River.
Thank you to RO Drift Boats, YETI, Sawyer Paddles & Oars Retailers/Outfitters for donating our raffle items. Thank you to Simms Fishing Products and Trxstle for promoting this raffle on your social media accounts.

Upper Missouri Watershed Alliance is excited to announce that our 2021 RO Drift Boat Raffle is SOLD OUT!

Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket. Your donation helps conservation efforts by funding UMOWA’s scientific projects and membership growth.

Raffle drawing: July 17th, 2021.

UMOWA will host another raffle this winter/spring. Another drift boat will be raffled off next summer.

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RO Drift Boat Raffle

UMOWA is excited to host our first summer raffle! One lucky winner will receive a customized RO Drift Boat of their choice, a set of Sawyer SquareTop Oars, and a Yeti Cooler. Drawing will be held on July 17th, 2021. Anyone who purchases a raffle ticket will be given a free 1-year membership to UMOWA.

See 2021 Raffle details below

How to Purchase a Raffle Ticket

There are three ways to purchase a raffle ticket for our 2021 Summer Raffle.

1.) Contact Alan Shaw at 406-995-2792 or

2.) Visit Wolf Creek Anglers in Wolf Creek, Trout Montana in Cascade, or Headhunters Fly Shop, Izaak’s Restaurant, CrossCurrents Fly Shop, and The Trout Shop in Craig to buy a raffle ticket at the front desk.

3.) Buy tickets from UMOWA’s booth outside Izaak’s Restaurant on June 19th, June 26th, and July 3rd from 4:30 PM- 8:00 PM.


One lucky person will win a custom-made RO Driftboat of their choice (see the 5 model options below), a set of Sawyer SquareTop oars, and a Yeti Cooler.

MODEL 1: RO “Guide Boat”

Retail value: $11,345

Introduced in 1997, the 16′ Ro Guide model has been RO’s flagship design and the boat that really put RO Drift Boats “on the map” as a player in the drift boating world. Roy “Ro” Eddins designed this boat to be very versatile for a variety of different rivers. It is still, after all these years, one of our most popular choices for recreational and professional fisherman alike. The 2018 model boasts an improved ultra-light, and ultra-spacious walk-around layout that is a favorite among Rocky Mountain fly fishing guides. Not only is it one of our easiest rowing boats, but it will also carry three people and all of your gear in just five inches of water.

View "Guide" Model Specs

Model 2: RO “Deville”

Retail value: $11,345

Ro Drift Boats has once again introduced a boat for fly fisherman that has already started to change the industry. The Deville rows like a skiff but has all of the whitewater capabilities of a true McKenzie-style drift boat. The Deville is the perfect Rocky Mountain fly fishing vessel because it weighs 375 pounds and floats in 4 inches of water without losing any space, safety, or dry storage.

View "Deville" Model Specs

Model 3: RO “Skiff”

Retail value: $10,345

In shallow water, the Ro Skiff lets you keep your mind on the fish. The incredible versatility of the RO Skiff is unsurpassed. The Skiff carries up to three people in as little as three inches of water. The low profile and perfected chines keep the RO Skiff tracking even in windy river and lake conditions. We have been through plenty of rough water in the RO Skiff as well to ensure its integrity in any conditions you find.

View "Skiff" Model Specs

Model 4: RO “Tailwater Skiff”

Retail value: $11,845

RO Drift Boat’s newest model, the Tailwater Skiff, is designed for those who love the ease of a skiff’s rowing abilities but want the storage of our low profile Deville.  The Tailwater Skiff has a high floating design and a flexible floor that allows for sneaking up on pods of rising fish in slow-moving water or running the rapids of the larger freestone rivers.  This drift boat design offers more storage, rod holders (for up to eight rods), and a low profile, which helps to keep this boat tracking true even in windy conditions.  Casting braces in the front and rear allow anglers to either sit and sneak or stand and throw long.  Featuring our walk-around design, this boat is laid out with the angler and rower in mind.

View "Tailwater Skiff" Model Specs

Model 5: RO Low-Sided Guide “LSG”

Retail value: $11,345

RO Drift Boat’s latest design is the 16’ Ro LSG. Ro incorporated their 19-year-old, time-tested Ro 16’ Guide model with an entirely new, slimmed-down look. With lower gunnels, lighter weight, and a completely redesigned interior, this “LSG” boat fits the niche perfectly of people wanting a full-sized boat without the disadvantage of having high sides to catch the wind. With the capability to store four rods in our quick draw storage system and improved off floor sponsom storage, RO has delivered a boat to our consumers that they have been craving. The LSG’s footprint is the same as our Guide model boat with plenty of rocker and convex chines to knife across the river with ease.  This boat will perform equally on calm tailwater or raging freestone river, making it an awesome all-around drift boat for guides and clients alike. With its provocative lines and new interior, the reviews have been stellar.

View "LSG" Model Specs

INCLUDED: Sawyer SquareTop Dyno X Oars Cutty, Rainbow Brown Design

Retail value: $900

In addition to a customized RO drift boat, the lucky raffle winner will receive one pair of nine-foot length Sawyer SquareTop Dyno X Oars.

This is Sawyer’s very popular SquareTop Oar with a carbon fiber X-Weave fiberglass shaft reinforcement. This lends strength and a bit of stiffness, while still allowing a forgiving flex that is easy on your joints. Features a custom Cutty, Rainbow, Brown art wrap designed by Link Jackson for a rugged and functional piece of art.

Sawyer Oars generously donated by Dwight Lee.


Retail value: $299

The YETI Tundra® 45 combines versatility with durability. This premium cooler is infused with that legendary YETI toughness — a durable rotomolded construction and up to three inches of PermaFrost™ Insulation. This is to say it’s built to last and will keep your contents ice-cold even in sweltering conditions, like a triple-digit summer day in central Texas. No bowing, cracking or melting here.


each ticket only $100


incredible prize


Only 160 tickets will be sold


In addition to our Boat Raffle, UMOWA will partake in the following events:

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Our raffle and volunteer events are intended to generate capacity-building funds to support UMOWA. In the next stages of growing our organization and mission, UMOWA is raising funds to establish physical office space, increase membership, and support our multiple scientific projects. Support our growth by purchasing a raffle ticket or volunteering at one of our events today!