Respect the Redd

Due to recent concern about anglers disturbing trout redd zones, UMOWA has posted the following sign near vulnerable patches of gravel along the Missouri River.

Photo courtesy of United Women on the Fly.

What is redd?

A “redd” occurs when a female trout uses her tail to dig a depression in the gravel. She deposits and covers the eggs with loose gravel and waits for a male trout to fertilize them.

How to identify redd zones

  • Look for oval-shaped patches of small light-colored gravel near the river bank.
  • Gravel bars with small depressions indicate nest sites and allow trout eggs to sit among small rocks with clean water flowing over them.
  • Redd is usually found in shallow shorelines with a rippling current to provide a renewed source of oxygen.

Bull Pasture


In 2021, UMOWA will partake in the following events:

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