We are Conserving

the Upper Missouri

River Watershed

By gathering and acting on data.

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Dedicated to collecting scientific data is the key to protecting and preserving the ecosystem.



Due to the COVID-19, UMOWA made the choice to cancel the annual events we conduct in 2020. Please stay tuned to our website and Facebook to keep informed about our upcoming activities.


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Testimonials Endorsing UMOWA's Mission

“My professional career has been devoted to permanently conserve agricultural lands, fish and wildlife habitat, and open space. I am pleased to be associated with the Upper Missouri Watershed Alliance; the principal organization dedicated to preserving and protecting this vital watershed through valid collection of scientific data.”

Jay EricksonMontana Land Reliance, Managing Director, Retired

“UMOWA is doing great work! Living in Montana, I see first-hand, many river stewardship organizations and I am impressed with the commitment, science, and effectiveness of the Upper Missouri Watershed Alliance.”

Bruce RichardsFly Fishers International – Casting Board of Governors Emeritus Scientific Anglers – 3M – retired

"It has been an absolute privilege to work with the Upper Missouri Watershed Alliance in their effort to promote appreciation, knowledge, and conservation of Montana’s native birds, other wildlife, and natural ecosystems through their streambank restoration projects. I support their efforts and commend their dedication."

Larry BerrinExecutive Director, Montana Audubon

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