The UMOWA Science and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC)

STAC Mission:

The Upper Missouri River Watershed Alliance (UMOWA) Science and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) provides objective scientific and technical guidance for the ecological data being collected towards the understanding and protection of the Upper Missouri River. The STAC will be comprised of scientists with watershed expertise and include representatives from government agencies, academia, and private organizations.



To provide expertise on the scientific validity, suitability and credibility of projects currently undertaken and funded by UMOWA.


Evaluate other scientific studies currently pertinent within the Upper Missouri River study basin that may affect the mission of UMOWA. Provide guidance to the Board of Directors as to the advisability for UMOWA to become involved or undertake these investigations.


To distill scientific information from published reports or scientific meetings concerning the resource and present this to the UMOWA Board in a concise format.


To identify potential funding opportunities, not necessarily limited to grants involving watershed projects pursued by UMOWA, that will assist in offsetting the costs related to certain scientific and technical projects.


To provide scientific background information, rationale, and comments in order to assist UMOWA in obtaining funding as described in # 4 above.

Committee Members

David Stagliano

Committee Chairman
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Joe Kerkvliet

Committee Member
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Sherry Meador

Committee Member
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Bailey Sory

Committee Member
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